Camping Card

You can purchase a camping card at the first campsite you arrive at, or at the local tourist offices or from Dansk Camping Union.

All you need to do is fill in an application form, which serves as a temporary camping card until you receive your new camping card. The camping card will be stamped to show that it is valid for the calendar year. Remember to take your temporary camping card (the application form) with you before you start your onward journey.

A valid Camping Key Europe is valid in all european countries.

All valid Camping Cards are covered by third party liability insurance if the card holder does not have another form of insurance cover. Insurance only covers damage which the card holder can be shown to be liable for in accordance with Danish law.

Camping Card prices

Camping Card: DKK 110.00
Anyone can have his or her own camping card issued, but children under 15 must have parental consent. A camping card is for couples or individuals plus their children under 18 living at home. They must all live at the same permanent address. You must have an individual camping pass once you reach your 18th birthday.

Parties: DKK 110.00
Cards can be issued to institutions: schools, kindergartens, after-school clubs, sports clubs, etc. There must be no fewer than 5 and no more than 11 participants travelling together. The leader of the party must be over 18. In order to be valid, the card must be accompanied by a list of names of all participants.

Transit Card: DKK 35.00
If you only want to stay one night on a campsite, you can buy a transit card with a transit stamp. One transit stamp is valid for one overnight stay. When you buy your fourth transit sticker in the same calender year, your transit form will be replaced with a camping card. We draw your attention to the fact that it is more expensive to buy a camping card in this way. Transit Card is only valid in Denmark.
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